The most important thing in life

First I would like to thank my wonderful family and friends. Without your support and understanding when I was in front of the computer for hours, staring at nothing when I was pondering over a problem, or forgot something again, none of this would have been possible.

Thank you very much, I love you.


Developer of the Radix Ledger
Thank you for developing the Radix Ledger and being so actively connected to the Commuinity.
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Wylie from

Node operator and previous owner of
I was in the process of revising RadixScan when I saw a mention in Discord. Curious, I read what it was about, and that's when Wylie offered to let me have the .com domain for free, since he doesn't use it and he appreciates my previous work on RadixScan. An absolutely generous offer, which I was very happy to accept. I am very grateful to be a part of this great community!
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Roman Makudera

Developer of the JSONViewer
Thank you for the viewer. Our network explorer is based on the viewer.
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Developer of Canvas | The Multi-Purpose HTML5 Template
I see myself more as a backend developer, but I realize that a website needs a pleasing design. Thanks a lot for taking some of the load off my shoulders with the Canvas template.
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