Emmoglu Stakery Stake exporter

On this page you will find the description of the Stake exporter we created.
To get an analysis 1 XRD (to cover the response fee) must be sent from the address to be analyzed to the address: rdx1qsprg950xx5fl2qewwajy36w8qyh62jwk3f7kncpfgnrt43elarwgggajqnlj  
As unencrypted message the target currency should be sent, as target currency the currencies are possible for which CoinGecko provides rates for:
- aed, ars, aud, bch, bdt, bhd, bmd, bnb, brl, btc, cad, chf, clp, cny, czk, dkk
- dot, eos, eth, eur, gbp, hkd, huf, idr, ils, inr, jpy, krw, kwd, lkr, ltc, mmk
- mxn, myr, ngn, nok, nzd, php, pkr, pln, rub, sar, sek, sgd, thb, try, twd, uah
- usd, vef, vnd, xag, xau, xdr, xlm, xrp, yfi, zar, bits, link, sats
If the currency is not recognized, the evaluation will be created for usd.

If a new transaction with >= 1XRD on the address is detected by the evaluation script, via the Gateway API first the oldest Stake transaction of the address is determined. From this epoch on the Stake Balance is queried in each subsequent epoch (at round 0) and included in the evaluation together with the rate of that day. If no rate for XRD is available (was the case at the beginning of the mainnet) the e-XRD rate is used. Stake transactions are taken into account in the epoch in which they occurred, unstake transactions 500 epochs later.
After the processing is finished, an XLSX file is created and uploaded to IPFS. The IPFS ID is then sent in an encrypted message to the sender address: "Load analysis as xlsx file at: https://gateway.pinata.cloud/ipfs/######" When the link is copied into a browser, the file is loaded from IPFS (needs some time) and stored in the download-folder. The stored file can then be renamed to ###.xlsx and opened with a spreadsheet.


* The analysis script needs up to 30 minutes for the evaluation of the address depending on the number of epochs to be checked.
  The requests are processed as they arrive, so please be patient.
* If more than one XRD is sent or other tokens are sent, there will be no refund!
* We have checked the script and corrected any errors found, but we cannot assume any responsibility for the correctness of the results!

Requested Features

  Optimize the file so that it can be imported into Cointracker
  Breakdown of the result into Quarters to provide a better overview
  Additional column with the rewards of a day (the day assignment is based on the end of the previous epoch / start of the new one, no split)
  Add a possibility to specify the start date