Emmoglu Stakery Archive Node Description

In addition to our validator and backup nodes, we also operate an archive node in the mainnet. We use it to run the queries for RadixScan, but you are welcome to use it as well.

Our archive node:
At the moment our node is not yet switched to the gateway system, please do not use it for the wallet!

Other gateway nodes from community members:
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How to set an alternative node in the wallet

1. Open Wallet settings

Archive Node Settings 1
In the Wallet Settings tab (1) the settings (including the node) can be changed

2. Enter Archive Node URL

Archive Node Settings 2
In the tab "Choose Node/Network" (2) the network and the node can be adjusted. The URL (https://Node.RadixScan.io) of the new node has to be entered in the text box (3) and added with "+ add node".

3. Acknowledge warning

Archive Node Settings 3
The displayed warning needs to be confirmed, then the wallet restarts and after entering the password, the wallet uses the new node to communicate with the Radix network.