Emmoglu Stakery Telegram Bot Description

On this page you will find the description of the Telegram bot we created. The goal of the bot is on the one hand to create a comfortable way to retrieve information from the ledger (addresses, validators) without the need of a browser. On the other hand, to send notifications when events occur and thus relieve users from having to constantly keep track of the information. Below you will find a description of the commands and a list of features that will be implemented. If you have any ideas or feedback please share them with us!
To try click on the picture or here:  
Emmoglu Stakery Telegram Bot Logo
Bot Command Description
/help, /start Display help
/about Presents information about Leo and Michael
/fb # With this command you can send a message directly to Michael. For example feedback, ideas for new features, bugs or a good joke. Please include your Telegram handle so Michael can write back.
/p Provides current pricing for eXRD and XRD from ConGecko along with supply information and staking details (for example APY).
/v (#) Display the list of validators. The optional parameter can be used to limit the number of displayed validators. For example, /v 10 returns the 10 validators with the most stake.
/d # Displays information about the validator #. As parameter the Validator Id or the rank according to Stake can be passed (output of the /v command). If no parameter is given, the data of the Emmoglu Stakery validator is displayed.
/a # Displays information (balances, stake) of the address #. The Radix Mainnet address (rdx...) is expected as a parameter. If no parameter is provided, the data of the address from which we have staked all validators with 100 XRD are displayed.
/helpnotify Provides information about the notification service
/notify, /unnotify
Enables / disables the notification. The following values are possible for the KEYWORD parameter:
'fee' The fee data of the validators are compared with those of the last check, notification in case of change.
'upt' Notification if the uptime of an active validator (Top 100) falls below 98%
'chg' Notification of a change in the validator set (new validator found, known validator gone)
'reg' Notification of a change in the validator registration state
'news' Get informations about new bot functions
'test' Send test notification at next run
'all' Enables / Disables all Notifications (including test)
'rdx###' Monitoring of this address (not the changes of the staked values!)
/shownotify Displays the current notification settings


Requested Features

  Notifications around node outages. Maybe logic could be if > 3 or 5 proposal misses in an epoch   can you add stake rewards to "/a" command please?   Add function to name addresses in notifier