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Export transactions of the specified address

We have put a lot of effort in the creation, but we can not take responsibility for the accuracy.
For the output format, we followed the Koinly Universal format.

1. Please input address (rdx###)

Test address:

2. Transactions to be exported
   Stake / Unstake Transactions
   XRD Transactions
   Non XRD Transactions
   Other Transactions

3. Fee handling
  Exclude fees on sent transactions
  Exclude fees on received transactions

4. Please select period
  Complete  (Date limitation is ignored)
 From (incl.):      to (excl.):  

5. Output
 5.1 Conversion to FIAT (XRD amounts are converted to the FIAT value at the time.  (Data from CoinGecko ))
   United States dollar
   Pound sterling
   Swiss franc
   Turkish lira
   Japanese yen

 5.2 CSV Export output sorting
   The newest transactions first
   The oldest transactions first

 5.3 Name representation

6.   Export as CSV  

The link at TxHash, From and To (Validator) copies the complete identifier to the clipboard.
"Sent and received amounts are rounded to two digits for display. The original value is exported as CSV.

Date (UTC) Sent Amount Sent Currency Received Amount Received Currency Fee Amount Fee Currency Net Worth Amount Net Worth Currency Label Description TxHash From To