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In epoch 1, we have staked 100XRD on every validator which allowed external stake from address rdx1qspu9v8xsfn30n8nsua7jf8rac0lr8yccdety8hpwmesaxqwc3fy95s267mqj . The value progression of this 100XRD is stored by us each epoch and displayed here. The history can also be downloaded as a CSV file. In the CSV file is a timestamp, the epoch, the current value and fees and the current rate for USD, EUR, CHF, GBP and TRY stored. If you want / need to calculate the history of your stake / rewards (for taxes) you can use this as a database. If you want to log it yourself, you can watch the history of the stake of the address on the ledger.
ATTENTION: No guarantee for the accuracy of the data.
(On 2021-08-18 a bug was found in the logging function, the bumps on and before this date were caused by it, we apologize for this)