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Olympia Transaction Exporter

Export transactions of the specified address

Export transactions of the specified address

We have put a lot of effort in the creation, but we can not take responsibility for the accuracy.

1. Please input address
Address to query

Test Address: rdx1qspu...5s267mqj

2. Transactions to be exported

3. Fee handling

4. Please select period

5. Output

5.1 Conversion to FIAT
(XRD amounts are converted to the FIAT value at the time. (Data from CoinGecko ))

5.2 CSV Export output sorting

5.3 Name representation

6. Query Result

Active loading indicator
0 Transactions loaded / 0 ignored ; oldest timestamp:

7. Export Result

Koinly description
CoinTracking description
Accointing description
TokenTax description

 Please use the following settings for the import:
- Character set: UTF-8
- Language: English ('.' is used as decimal separator)
- Comma as field separator
- " as string separator

We have to remove several characters from the message for the transfer (e.g. #). If the message content is important, please check additionally!
If you need another format please contact us and we will have a look if we can add it.


The link at TxHash, From and To (Validator) copies the complete identifier to the clipboard.
"Sent and received amounts are rounded to two digits for display. The original value is exported as CSV.
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